Tattoo Ink Controversy Risks amp Dangers

There has been an outburst of controversy in the past few months. Where in the state of California, two major manufacturers of Tattoo ink have been accused of exposing people to dangerous levels of lead and other metals.

Major concerns of high levels of lead in tattoo pigment include:

*Increase in blood pressure

*Fertility problems

*Nerve disorders

*Muscle and joint pain


*Memory or concentration problems

tattoo ink

Both Huck Spaulding Enterprises, and Superior Tattoo Equipment, must comply in the state of California, labeling their inks with hazard warnings (Prizm, and VooDoo Brand color series).

I have had personal experience with Prizm tattoo ink, and I have found that the pigment doesn't stay vibrant in the skin. The lighter colors such as white, golden yellow, and sky blue seem to stain gloves faster than penetrating the skin.

If you are looking for a well rounded, and trustworthy tattoo ink, I would highly suggest the following.

*Mom's Milennium inks.

*Starbright Ink.

*Intenz pigment tattoo ink.

I have found, that all of the above pigments tend to go in vibrant, and stay lush and colorful throughout the life of the tattoo. It reduces the need for touch-ups, and the frustration of clients. If you use inks that you can be proud of, your clients will be happier, and more likely to return.