Stephanie Pratt Hot Gossips

hot and sexy Stephanie Pratt, hot Stephanie Pratt in bikini, hot Stephanie Pratt boobs/breasts, hot Stephanie Pratt wallpapers and photosLike every other twenty-something, Stephanie Pratt has fought to overcome her own insecurities. Only unlike the masses, she did so as part of MTV’s cultural phenomenon The Hills. Her journey was especially sophisticated for a reality show that specializes in glamorous simplification — picture-perfect young cast members, glistening shots of the L.A. cityscape and conversations that rarely delve into complex designer names, let alone emotions. But as The Hills winds down its final season, Stephanie — who became a lead cast member this year — has emerged as of one of the show’s most integral and reliable characters.

Last week, Stephanie phoned Movieline to discuss the career detour that took her to The Hills , the one cast member she trusts for advice and her strained relationship with her brother.