Eva Mendes is hot, but where is she?

Where is Eva Mendes these days. I have not heard anything after her "The Spirit Movie" in 2008. some websites say that she is in Los Angeles and is sad. Well, she is also fond of poetry and write poems when she is lonely.

One of the magazine interviews says that - She said: "I write the best worst poetry in the world. It is fantastically terrible. I can't say any of it, it's too telling. People get a piece of my soul here. What am I getting in return?
"I have this burning desire, to be just a little better every day. I can't let myself slip. It probably means I will never find contentment. Never! That's why I like The Smiths."

All the very best wishes to her to get better and best and may be she comes on ramp again for her fans like me...