Olivia Comic Con Readiness Kit

There have been now a few incredible months for Olivia. Her Playboy cover hits stands on June 19th. She has two comedies coming out later this year and would be casted in probally the biggest summer blockbuster of 2010.

What Olivia Munn says to her fans?:->

"You can’t go to Comic-Con with just one thing in your emergency go-bag. You need at least 9:

1. The Dagger of Razadeen: It glows when Shia LeBeouf is near. Maybe the best invention since Diet Dr Pepper — it tastes like the real thing!
2. GuyFi: Wireless Internet that increases signals when more guys are around.
3. Dead squirrels: When I need a quick protein boost. Don’t judge.
4. My mini-lightsaber: For cutting fruit…okay, it’s for cutting pie.
5. My iDontTouch: It’s new from Apple and allows fans to look but not touch.
6. My Stormtrooper bikini: It’s plastic and can deflect laser blasts.
7. My “Han Solo”: I can’t tell you what it is but it’s something I use when I’m solo.
8. My Munn-y: It’s my own currency with my face on it and everything. Totally worthless but occasionally fools some comic book vendors who are too busy checking out Megan Fox."


Isnt'nt She Amazing? Always love her comic talks...

Have a look at Playboy July/August 2009 Olivia Munn

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