Tyra Banks Hot Gossips

hot and sexy tyra banks, hot trya banks in bikini, hot tyra banks wallpapers and photos, hot tyra banks boobs/breastsA teary Tyra Banks wrapped up her Tyra talk show today. "I had journalists tell me this show was going to be canceled in two weeks, and it's five years..."

She showed clips of memorable shows -- Tyra as a fat woman, Tyra homeless, Tyra in jail -- and snippets of interviews with President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Larry King and others offered taped send-offs. Larry called her the 'fiercest host' in television.

She announced that her studio, Bankable Studios, will launch films and a new imprint from Random House, Bankable Books, will release empowering books in 2011, starting with a book called Modeland.

And in the end, she cried, clutched her two Emmys and said, "Sometimes you gotta leave when you're on top." Then she made a final Tyra walk and got down on her hands and knees and kissed the runway. Here's a little snippet from E!