Wanda Nara Hot Gossips

hot and sexy wanda nara, hot wanda nara in bikini, hot wanda nara wallpapers and photos, wanda nara boobs/breastsYesterday I arrived in the country, Wanda Nara accompanied by her husband and son Maxi Lopez Valentino, as the site has Primiciasya.com

The star and model will be present this Sunday's program Susana Gimenez.
Among other topics, speak with the diva for the first time of her pregnancy and her battle with Mariana Nannis.

After a while of being behind the couple, Susana production convinced the player model and presented in its cycle to discuss the arrival of the couple's second child.

When Wanda Nara became a mother for the first time, production cycle want her cheerleader from the very beginning, with all his family, living in the Sunday program which is broadcast by Telefe (in Mendoza, Channel 9) .

This was key to the word of Maxi Lopez, because the athlete is not very compatible with the media.

Moreover, the front will really like Susana and then think and talk with his wife (as long as Primiciasya.com), the player agreed to the interview which will be tomorrow.